Choosing a puppy

Do your research, never underestimate the quality of a dog breeder. It is hugely important you decide to take a puppy from a reputable, top class breeder. Tosas are financially demanding, the cost of a quality diet, a big comfortable bed, veterinary fees, etc. throughout their life should be considered before buying a puppy.
Being selective and choosing only a quality pedigree breeder will pay off, resulting in owning a healthy dog without any hereditary diseases. Always ask to see the family genealogy history, make sure you know how the puppies are looked after. Ask for their dysplasia results, overall health and temperament. Tosa puppies should be lively, happy and in a perfect nutritional condition. The ideal scenario is for the puppies to be kept at home with their mum and their owners / family, where they can get in contact with everyday life happenings, developing a strong bond with humans and children. Do not take puppies under 8 weeks old.
All puppies should leave breeders in an excellent health condition, wormed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and used to solid foods (meat or dry dog food).

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