About us

We are based in Liberec, Northern Czech Republic, near the German and Polish border.

We are proud owners of Pedigree Tosa Inu female dog Miya Diamant Severu (Miya Diamond of the North)
When we went to view the puppies from a reputable dog breeder with many years of experience in pedigree Tosa Inu breeding, we fell in love with Miya at first sight.  
She was the only blonde (light) puppy and her unique temperament stole our heart right away.
Miya is "the light" of our family, she brings nothing but happiness to everyday life.
She’s been living with us in our house since a puppy and goes with us practically everywhere. Whether  it’s just a shopping trip (where she will wait for us patiently in the car) or visiting friends and relatives. She brings a lot of attention, therefore she’s now known as a "valued customer" at our local bank , pharmacy and local shop. :)
Her amazingly calm temperament makes visiting friends and relatives a very easy and enjoyable experience, also with those who have never owned a dog.
She loves travelling with us. From sailing down the Mediterranean coast , staying on the beach in a tent, she’s always a very happy and content dog.
Miya loves children, she’s gentle and tolerant in their presence, whether she knows them or not.
We are full time pedigree Tosa Inu breeders. Our policy is top quality and care.
We will be extremely selective towards future dog owners from our organisation.
If you are planning to keep your Tosa outside or in a kennel all year long, you will not be able to purchase a puppy from us.
Our priority is a healthy and happy dog whose appearance and behaviour are of the highest standard.

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